Our Vision

  To educate and shape disciplined engineers and to encourage inter disciplinary knowledge and understanding among the students, leading to inventions and achievements.

Our Mission

  Our mission is to achieve academic excellence. To develop dynamic, socially conscious technical leaders with professional ethics and human values to serve our Mother Land and the world meritoriously. To train and impart necessary soft skills and communication skills with positive attitude to make our students readily employable.

  • To provide 100% placement to all the eligible candidates through campus placement activity,
  • To work for the overall development of each and every student and
  • To provide congenial and self-development atmosphere for faculty and staff so that they help the promoters to achieve their goal.

Our Features

  • Personal Attention to every Students
  • Improving Technical Communication Stuff
  • Monthly Exams will be conducted to develop the education
  • Provide access to higher quality in Technical Education
  • Scholarship will be arranged for Kerala SC/ST students
  • Social Service through NSS Camp
  • Separate Coaching for Campus Interview
  • Trust on quality and Discilpine
  • Social Service through NSS Camp


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