Hostel Features :

Udaya Institutions provide residential facilities for both girls and boys studying in the following colleges housed in its udaya campus

   Excellent hostel facilities are available for the students inside the college campus. We have taken a special care in providing a congenial atmosphere inside the hostel for both mental and physical development of the students. 24 hours phone facility is available inside the hostel. Other than warden, a security officer is provided in the hostel to maintain discipline.

Boys Hostel :

   Our hostel is established to provide residential facilities with homely atmosphere for the deserving students studying in the institutions managed by our management. This is with a capacity to accommodate 200 students, and is situated in close proximity to the college.

Ladies Hostel :

   A women's hostel with a capacity of 180 students is constructed at close quarters to the college. Students desirous of staying in the hostels should express their option to stay in the hostel in the prescribed form. The option forms should be handed over to the warden. Rules and regulations that should be followed in the hostel.


   In the Hostel, the facilities for all sports and games are provided. The inmates should participate in any sports or games from 5-6.30pm with out fail. Amultigym is provided for the Development of physical strength of inmates.